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Day Care


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At The Dog House we are committed to providing fun and safe, play and rest areas for your dog. Our staff are picked for their experienced with dogs and their passion for play, to make sure all the dogs have fun. All our full and part time staff are trained in Canine First Aid even though we hope we never have to utilise this knowledge!

When the dogs arrive first thing they are encouraged to socialise and play without the use of toys. With less distractions they tend to get to know one another quicker and form lasting friendships. After a few hours we have TOY TIME! We have a number of different toys available for those who simply like to lie down and chew to those wanting to chase a ball or play tug.

At the middle of the day we have rest time. The “Sleep Room” is a low stimulation room (no toys allowed) where we can encourage the dogs to relax and recharge after the mornings excitement.

Then it is back to the main areas for more play and fun, before a slow down time prior to being picked up by Mum or Dad!

Our outdoor area can be accessed from either the big or small dog areas. Our sandpits are available for those who like to dig or alternatively for those who like to run round things very fast!! We also have a “pool” area for the sunny summer days.