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33 Ashley Place, Papamoa

About Us

At The Dog House we look after your dog as if they were our own (and we LOVE our dogs!).

The idea for The Dog House came about due to the lack of large indoor/outdoor day care and grooming facilities for Papamoa residents.

Susan and Dave both live in Papamoa East and decided something needed to be done about this. There are not many places in Papamoa that are suitable for such a facility but the old AutoSmart garage in Ashley Place was just ideal!

It has allowed The Dog House to be set up with separate small and big dog indoor areas and also a large outdoor area (accessible from both areas). There is also an upstairs viewing room so that clients can come in at any time of the day to see what their dogs are up to. We do hope clients are not too upset to see their dog having so much fun without them!

The former tyre bay is now the small dog area and the parts room has been converted into a grooming suite! What a change!